We are a proud not-for-profit charity. We are dedicated to creating an Australia with self-driven and inspired young leaders. Help us build the new generations who will construct a future through environmentally sustainable growth industries! Our charity is fully run by our supporters and volunteers, and every donation means the world to us. Will you give today?

2022 Donations Goal: $ 5000*

$1500 Raised

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Contributions go to the Perth STEM Association Incorporated, a registered Incorporated Association, not-for-profit and ACNC registered charity based in Perth, Western Australia. Contributions will be used in Perth STEM’s discretion for its charitable purposes.
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The Perth STEM Association is a charity ran in Perth who are dedicated in educating and sharing our passion for science and technology to youth and their families. We hold regular events in and around Perth. Our events are very hands on and they let children and young people engage and learn in a fun and entertaining manner.

Over the next couple years we plan to hold events more frequently and to have more of an impact on the community. Our main goal is to create a constant schedule for when we hold events to reach larger audiences at schools and other locations.

Our organisation is fully funded by donations, ticket sales and grants and ran by volunteers who love science and technology and who are all passionate and eager to share science and other STEM topics to our future leaders.