Tuesday 26th September

Spectacular Science Showdown

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Spectacular Science Showdown

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Perth STEM is entirely funded by our generous supporters such as yourself. Over 70% of our funds go towards hosting new events and inspiring Australia’s future leaders.

About Us

We are dedicated to spreading our passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and the Social Sciences to young Australians to create a bold future where our young people are empowered, critical thinkers who create positive change. By hosting entertaining, and educational events and by providing ‘Do it at home’ STEM kits, we hope to create an Australia filled with self-driven and inspired young leaders whose collaboration will construct a future with environmentally sustainable growth industries through future technologies.


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Family Events

We host fun, exciting, and engaging events that introduce young STEM entrepreneurs to the world of Science and Technology. From robots, to elephant’s toothpaste, from graphite circuits to game design. We are sure to have an event dedicated to your child’s bright mind!


Here at Perth STEM, we host exciting Hackathons where anyone of any age can compete with each other to design something cool. From amazing business ideas, to games, to programs, to new inventions. Our hackathons let your mind go wild!

Community Orientated

The Perth STEM Association is entirely ran by local volunteers in the community. We strive to create an engaging and appealing environment that is safe from all forms of discrimination and violence. Perth STEM is about creating a bold future for Australia, not to participate in questionable endeavours.

Our Shop is Open!

Find out more below to view some of our STEM kits that we use during our events! We are also stocking various components, robotics and electronics gadgets and knit-nats. All funds raised go towards hosting more events and future projects.

We are redoing our shop!
Expect an incredible new shop opening soon….


We update our events calendar every month!

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